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Gun: 2nd Amendment God & Guns

Gun: 2nd Amendment God & Guns
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Model: God, Guns, Guts made America Free

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Black, preshrunk, 100% cotton tee with very large sillhouette graphic of crossed AR15s and a single star.  above the graphic reads, "2nd Amendment", and below the graphic reads, "God-Guns-Guts made America free"

This shirt is pretty self-explanitory. Although these three things were the winning combination that made us free, Do we still have the Guts to stand up for God and Guns, in order to remain free?  That is a question everyone must answer for themselves, but you can make a bold statement that you understand American history, when you wear this shirt.  But don't be surprized if you get some testy looks from some of your "progressive" friends!

Availble on black only, at this time.  Sizes to 4XL

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